Samsung IPS Monitor

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a south korean electronics company which is headquartered in South Korea.

The company manufacture really good monitors thanks for the rapid and intensive development processes.

Samsung is also market leader in another part of electronics industry such as lcd and led panels.

In 2010/2012, Samsung Electronics appeared as the main competitor of Hitachi by introducing a brand new techology called Plane-to-Line Switching (PLS).

Samsung’s intention was quite clear and simple: they created PLS in order to taking the place of IPS technology – which was originally developed by Hitachni in the mid 1990’s.

This means Samsung not manufacture IPS monitor anymore just PLS which is very similar technology.

The PLS technology introduced by Samsung became their wide-viewing angle technology similarly as the IPS technology of LG.

Samsung stated that their technology has the following benefits over IPS technology:

  • they made improvement in viewing angles
  • they they increase the brightness with 10%
  • they increased the image quality
  • they decreased the production costs with up to 15%
  • they increased the flexibility of the panel

With a Samsung PLS monitor you can experience incredible HD resolution and also you can enjoy real life colors.

Samsung monitors with Mega DCR deliver you great color and picture quality thanks to the improved contrast ratio: this means you can always see the blackest black, and the purest white on the screen and you can experience vivid and lifelike colors. Mega DCR with its great features and quality outshine every other screens on the market.

Contrary to the above mentioned benefits it is very difficult for a common user to know exactly which one of the technologies has been used in a display screen, because PLS and IPS are almost similar. As we wrote earlier PLS monitors are known to be brighter and they have improved viewing angles. For example if you touch a PLS panel it will not change the color, and it will not leave any trail if you drag your finger across the screen. The difference between these two techologies are not so significant in real life situations.

IPS Monitor by Samsung

IPS Monitor by Samsung

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